Can Hybrid Model be better for boards?

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While the businesses open boardroom doors after eighteen months, there is a realisation that not all individuals need to be on the site. As the remote workforce has absorbed the innovations more efficiently than what leaders imagined at the initial stage, the leaders may choose to adopt hybrid boardroom meetings depending on several factors.

Can Hybrid Model be better for boards?

David Thomas of HSBC on ‘agile workforces’ and the future of learning

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Flexible working has long been part of the culture at HSBC, but the pandemic accelerated and normalised it. How did the firm turn flexible working into an opportunity for agile learning? In this exclusive interview with People Matters, David Thomas, Asia Head of HR at HSBC, casts a new light on learning amid the pandemic and tells us how he envisions the future of work.

David Thomas of HSBC on future of 'learning'

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