The skills gap conundrum

The shift towards digitisation and automation has distended the skills gap forcing businesses to innovate their capability-building approaches in the new world of work. Close to 70 per cent of employers globally are struggling to find skilled workers, especially in high-demand areas like operations and logistics, manufacturing and production, IT, sales, and marketing, according to a study by ManpowerGroup. So, the need to address skill gaps by adapting employees’ skills and roles to the new ways of working is more urgent than ever for organisations to come stronger on the other side. The cover story of this issue digs deep into the current organisational learning & training landscape and how leaders can fix the larger skills gap to prepare for the future.

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Solving the skills gap


Skills have become the global currency of 21st-century economies. But this ‘currency’ depreciates rapidly as the requirements of labour markets evolve and individuals lose the skills they do not use.

Solving the skills gap
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