Russell Reynolds’ Gurprriet Siingh on how leadership plays a critical role in M&A success

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Gurprriet Siingh, MD, head - assessment, culture and development at Russell Reynolds Associates, tells People Matters how leaders can equip themselves with skills to make M&As successful, what skills are needed when the process in ongoing and then when done, and how M&As impact fates of leaders of both entities.

How do leaders influence M&A success?

Leaders must upskill, reskill to stay relevant, competitive, even survive, in post-pandemic world: DDI’s Bruce Watt

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In the post-pandemic world, leaders are devising - or will need to devise - ways through which they can better connect with their employees and keep them engaged and at the same time, also ensure certain decisions are relevant from a business point of view, says Bruce Watt, Senior VP at global leadership consulting firm DDI, Europe, India and Australia.

Leaders must upskill to survive in post-Covid era

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