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Russell Reynolds’ Gurprriet Siingh on how leadership plays a critical role in M&A success

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Gurprriet Siingh, MD, head - assessment, culture and development at Russell Reynolds Associates, tells People Matters how leaders can equip themselves with skills to make M&As successful, what skills are needed when the process in ongoing and then when done, and how M&As impact fates of leaders of both entities.

How do leaders influence M&A success?

Leaders must upskill, reskill to stay relevant, competitive, even survive, in post-pandemic world: DDI’s Bruce Watt

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In the post-pandemic world, leaders are devising - or will need to devise - ways through which they can better connect with their employees and keep them engaged and at the same time, also ensure certain decisions are relevant from a business point of view, says Bruce Watt, Senior VP at global leadership consulting firm DDI, Europe, India and Australia.

Leaders must upskill to survive in post-Covid era

Leaders ought to accept they don't have all the answers, but are willing to listen, learn to drive meaningful change: Microsoft’s Ira Gupta

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While every organisation will have to define its unique approach to hybrid work, it will need to be grounded in flexibility, wellbeing and inclusion, in order to empower employees to do their best in a way that works best for them, while balancing business needs and ensuring organisational culture is preserved, says Ira Gupta, Head of Human Resources, Microsoft India.

Microsoft’s Ira Gupta on how to lead a hybrid team

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