The ability to measure the quantifiable impact of employer branding is a key business challenge. A lot of work goes into building and growing a company's brand which can be difficult to measure but remains critical to the overall outcome of your talent acquisition activities.

To uncover trends in this changing context – of a new generation of workers and changing technologies, People Matters and Indeed conducted a detailed research study on the upcoming 2020 Employer Branding Strategies.

The study benchmarked data on:

1) Critical factors that need to be considered while designing the EVP (Employer value proposition)
2) The kind of multi-channel strategy that drives impact
3) What employment attributes rank high
4) Effective strategies to boost employer brand

This research study also features leaders from Akamai, Alterra, and Ubisoft – who talk about what they are doing to align their employer branding strategies to the needs of a new generation of employees.

Download this research study and assess your employer branding practices now.