The workplace is like the spine of any organisation.

While a lot of people cite the pandemic as the reason why things changed so much at the workplace, Sanjay Menon, managing director, Publicis Sapient India, contends that the workplace was always ripe for disruption.

“Transformation is something that existed from time immemorial but pace of transformation has never been faster than it's been in the last five to seven years. Technology obviously is one of the key drivers, that enabled us to transform,” he says.

Menon says there were enough enablers to disrupt workplace, and the pandemic just put this on an accelerated timeframe. “The pandemic did help us achieve in two years what would otherwise may have taken five years or 10 years.”

In his keynote at People Matters TechHR India Day 2 conference, Menon talks about four pillars of workplace disruption (people , technology, digital resilience and agile infrastructure),  people being both the biggest proponent of the change, the biggest beneficiary of the change and the biggest disrupter.

“And that's because all change, in the history of humankind, has always come from a human yearning to make things more convenient.”

Menon further highlights that while technology has the potential to expand work possibilities, it shouldn’t be at the expense of people’s experience and their privacy, sharing how Publicis Sapient is taking a human-centered approach to build a technology roadmap that works for everyone and building digital resilience with a cyber-secure infrastructure.