More organizations will use people analytics for data-driven decision making: WTW’s Richard Hanson

Strategic HR#ReinventToReimagine#Digital Transformation

For most organizations, the important thing is to build on a solid foundation and start applying people analytics for decision making in areas beyond talent acquisition and retention says Richard Hanson, Global Head of Data Science, Talent & Rewards, Willis Towers Watson, in an interaction with People Matters.

Interview with WTW’s Richard Hanson

People are key to your digital transformation project: ICAEW's Mark Billington

Strategic HR#Innovation#ReinventToReimagine#Digital Transformation#HRTech

Businesses should not expect a ‘big-bang’ style change overnight but instead, strive to accomplish small and continuous improvements over time, which will provide greater agility for organizations to respond to changes, says Mark Billington, Managing Director of ICAEW - International, while talking to People Matters about purposeful transformation.

ICAEW's MD on purposeful transformation

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