As we enter into a new economy and society, business priorities are changing. Organizations that are at the forefront are already transforming their capabilities and rethinking their ideas on performance and growth. They are rapidly moving away from the initial phase of digital transformation onto the next phase of hyper-digitization. In this next phase, businesses will harness smarter, game-changing technologies to become hyper-digitized organizations. This means they will be creating new avenues of developing in-house talent, identifying talent gaps and accelerating performance, all of which will be key focus areas for organizations today.

To bring forward best practices from companies future-proofing their organizations and their workforce for hyper-digitization, People Matters and Sum Total in their exclusive video interview series across industries and geographies, bring to you the success story of Maybank, one of Malaysia's most valuable banks. Maybank is Malaysia's largest bank by market capitalization and total assets and one of the largest banks in Southeast Asia.

Nora Abd Manaf, Group Chief Human Capital Officer, Maybank, Arun Dhaka, General Manager and Vice President, APAC, Skillsoft, and Rhys Hughes, Regional VP- Asia A/NZ, SumTotal Solutions, LLC discuss the changing role of CHROs. "CHROs are becoming culture carriers, change agents, and increasingly knowledgeable about finance matters. They appreciate technology and analytics and are also external facing, while previously they were much more focused on internal matters. This change is good because they need to reach out to talent through events. These are the changes that are seen from a CHRO's perspective" Manaf said.

Insights from the video:

  • How technology enables companies to have visibility of the skill sets required by companies at work?
  • The top two factors that individuals look for in a company today?
  • The four bullets on building a digital mindset- strategy, culture, human capital and mindset of the individual.

Watch the video to find out how the bank is addressing skill gaps, the learning agility that the future talent needs to focus on, how the concept of hyper-digitization is affecting the industry, evolving role of CHROs and CEOs in hyper-digitization.