An unending debate has been surrounding the need to and urgency for a safe 'return to work' strategy. As organizations contemplate the pros and cons, employee safety is unarguably the biggest priority and until a tested and reliable solution is found, return to work appears distant, however, not anymore.

In this exclusive webcast brought to you in partnership by People Matters and ServiceNow, find out the key challenges executives and employees face in the remote work vs return to work dilemma, the required workflow changes to adapt to the changing work paradigm and hear from leaders how the ServiceNow® Safe Workplace suite is empowering organizations across the globe in executing a safe return to work strategy, keeping both workforce and workplace readiness at its core.

Key Discussion Points

  • Key constituents of workplace readiness for a seamless return to work strategy
  • Essentials of safety management in day-to-day operations
  • Crafting an employee experience for the new ‘now of work’
  • Empowering a safe return to the workplace through intelligent workflows