Our brains crave certainty, businesses seek predictability, but the world we live and operate in is anything but certain and predictable. In a complex world, cause and effect are only evident in hindsight. How can we shift the leadership mindset to embrace experimentation? How do we design and sustain a self-managed team culture? How do we incorporate agile ways of working? 

This webinar will introduce you to the following concepts: 

  • Embracing Complexity. Using Cynefin Framework to identify the most appropriate problem-solving methodology
  • Addressing Complexity: Equipping our leaders to adopt agile mindsets 
  • Transform at a scale: Move toward agile ways of working sustainable, escalable and impactful to business. 

Watch this webinar and go deeper in some of the critical concepts of management, leadership and agile working and how you can learn more about it at from the People Matters BeNext Certification program on Agile and Design Thinking for HR Teams