Advancements in technology have reshaped the world of recruiting. Businesses now have access to a wide variety of tools and software that impact the way they source, engage & recruit candidates. Technology can help recruiters streamline every part of the hiring process, the challenge is, given the vast amount of recruiting tools and technologies on the market, how do you decide which technology to invest? Discover what is relevant and what is hype with regards to recruitment tech, what works in the context of your business (budget, readiness & timelines).

Over the course of this masterclass, William Tincup, President, RecruitingDaily will help you create a recruitment technology roadmap, understand how to measure ROI from technology investments and maximize adoption success.

Key learning takeaways:

1) Creating a recruitment technology roadmap for your organization

2) The differentiators of successful recruitment tech adoption

3) Measuring ROI from technology investment