Payroll must not be seen as a mere "business transaction", but, in its actuality, as "a meaningful activity for employees that puts either food on the table for their family, pays for their children’s education or bills. It's for a higher cause”, notes Vijay Vemulapalli, GM & MD, ADP India, a leading provider of online payroll software & HR services and solutions, while stressing how organisations need a payroll that’s both powerful and accurate.

Pay is crucial to employee wellbeing and can impact an organisation at every level. And while paying people on time and accurately may sound simple, it is actually quite complex, said Vemulapalli, who took centre stage at People Matters TechHR India earlier this month to explore the various technological hurdles organisations face as they scale their payroll processes for 'anytime, anywhere' work models.

He also shared some vital insights on how digital innovations in payroll can help organisations add value to business and improve the employee experience.