Creating a workforce experience that meets the expectations of today’s workforce and supports business outcomes requires you put your PEOPLE FIRST. It requires you to know your people: who and where they are, their explicit and implicit needs, and how they work best. It means understanding and investing in the tools and resources they need to do great work. This becomes the center of your digital people strategy. The fluid, seamless, easy experience you design and deliver as a result is INTENTIONALLY DESIGNED to ignite your workforce and deliver ultimate value to the business.

In this session with Jason Averbook, CEO & Co-Founder, Leapgen you will:

  • Understand what does a digital people strategy looks like to support this?
  • Learn how can data and insights be leveraged to fuel a personalized, relevant experience in the flow of work — one that is frictionless, seamless, and gives employees what they need where and when they need it?
  • Analyze what workforce outcomes can you measure as a result, and how do you articulate that value back to the business?