Working in a disrupted world

Last year was far more chaotic than anyone expected. Many organisations struggled to stay on course through the twists and turns of global events, but the disruption also brought opportunities to review, renew, and advance.

In this latest issue, People Matters Digital Magazine looks back at trends and lessons from recent months. We draw on perspectives from HR experts, industry leaders, analysts, and the shifts and changes that emerged over the course of 2022, to highlight valuable takeaways. What we have learned in the year just past forms the basis for what we will do in the year to come.

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Big Interview

Leaders ought to accept they don't have all the answers

Pamela Thomson-Hall, Head of International and Executive Officer at WTW, shares her experience of being a groundbreaking woman leader in a heavily male-dominated industry that at the time had little room to let women advance.


Cover Story

Lessons about hybrid work from the year just past

Every discussion of the world of work in 2022 has involved the hybrid or remote model, and the implementation of flexibility. Here are some important takeaways about hybrid work.



Technology, at its best, amplifies what exists in the real world

Sunil Setlur, Chief People Officer of Gojek, shares his thoughts on the challenges that accompany the digitisation of HR in the hybrid milieu, and how they can be addressed efficiently.



One way to turn the tide of employee retention

There's a surprising link between skill development opportunities and job satisfaction. Jeremy Braidish is the Chief People Officer of Cyara, pens down some ways of boosting skilling and thereby talent retention.


Rapid Fire

Brigette McInnis-Day, Chief People Officer, UiPath

As organisations operate with limited bandwidth, process inefficiencies mean employers must consider either making changes or risk losing talent.


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