People are the "largest driver of value creation" for Australian businesses, according to a new report. But for organisations to maximise the potential of their human capital and impact on the bottom line, they first need to track their talent data in relation to the company's overall business goals.

This creates the demand for data-savvy HR teams who can make the connection between different datasets, whether from finance or talent management, and interpret them for various stakeholders.

How can employers build data literacy in their HR teams?

In this exclusive community learning session, we will speak to experts in the field of talent analytics as they impart lessons on the rise of data-savvy HR teams. The session will cover:

  • The value of talent analytics in helping organisations in Australia maximise their human capital
  • The most urgent questions in talent management that can be tackled with the aid of talent analytics (with real-world examples)
  • The most common talent metrics and KPIs to track in different workforce scenarios, and the relationship of these data points with one another.
  • The roadmap for building data literacy in HR teams

The end goal of this session is to help organisations in Australia get started on their talent analytics journey with easy-to-understand concepts and best practices. They will come away with a road map for their own HR team.

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Date: 01 Jul 2:00 PM AEST


Speaker: Jacinta Moses
Jacinta Moses HR Business Leader, Infosys

Who Should attend:

  • CHROs
  • HR Leaders
  • CXOs
  • HR heads
  • Learning & Development heads
  • Senior HR professionals and Managers