People Matters continues to innovate, as the world needs new solutions to solve our problems. People Matters TechHR invites you this year to look at the world with #FreshEyes, to imagine what's possible in a post-pandemic milieu. 

#FreshEyes is a metaphor for breaking away from the past. 
We aspire to “see” the world with a new mind, new heart, and new intention. 
#FreshEyes is a journey to break the assumptions of the past and frame new possibilities.


We welcome you to discover with #FreshEyes a time for rejuvenation, discovery, and reflection amidst India's innovative, diverse, and rapidly evolving context. 


#TechHR will bring, as always, an abundance of unique experiences curated for you: a memorable conference, unmissable study tours, an evening of entertainment at the TechHR Night Fest.


Our mission is to accelerate the transformation & impact of people & work in business. Our mission is to help you Become the Answer for your team, your business, and society. 


Join us to Rethink the Future with #FresEyes!

Date: 25 Aug 1:30 PM AEST
LOCATION: Marina Bay Sands Singapore


Speaker: Dave Ulrich
Dave Ulrich Co-Founder & Principal
Speaker: Daniel Kahneman
Daniel Kahneman Professor of Psychology & Public Affairs
Speaker: Holger Mueller
Holger Mueller Vice President and Principal Analyst
Speaker: Lisa Chang
Lisa Chang Global Chief People Officer
Speaker: Rick Hammell
Rick Hammell Founder and CEO
Speaker: Shirzad Chamine
Shirzad Chamine Founder & CEO
Speaker: Brian Sommer
Brian Sommer Founder/President
Speaker: Chin Yin Ong
Chin Yin Ong Chief People Office
Speaker: Dean Tong
Dean Tong Managing Director, Head of Group HR
Speaker: Koh Ching Hong
Koh Ching Hong CEO
Speaker: Maya Hari
Maya Hari CEO
Speaker: Piyush Shah
Piyush Shah Co-founder
Speaker: Peta Latimer
Peta Latimer Chief Executive Officer
Speaker: Alex Badenoch
Alex Badenoch Group Executive - Transformation, Communications and People
Speaker: Katie Birch
Katie Birch Senior Director - Sales
Speaker: Graham James Lim
Graham James Lim Head of Partnerships, ASEAN
Speaker: Ester Martinez
Ester Martinez CEO & Editor-In-Chief
Speaker: Lucrecia	Borgonovo
Lucrecia Borgonovo Chief Talent and Organizational Effectiveness
Speaker: Sunil Setlur
Sunil Setlur Chief People Officer
Speaker: Lim	Chee Gay
Lim Chee Gay Global Chief Human Resources Officer
Speaker: Darren Thayre
Darren Thayre Head of Innovation, Global Strategic Initiatives (APAC, Japan & China)
Speaker: Anderson Tan
Anderson Tan Managing Director
Speaker: Francis de Vericourt
Francis de Vericourt Professor of Management Science & Director of the Center for Decisions, Models and Data
Speaker: Ben	Eubanks
Ben Eubanks Chief Research Officer
Speaker: Dr. Jaclyn Lee
Dr. Jaclyn Lee Chief Human Resources Officer
Speaker: Puneet Swani
Puneet Swani Career Business Leader, AMEA & Pacific
Speaker: Dr. Fermin Diez
Dr. Fermin Diez Deputy CEO and Group Director
Speaker: Mukta Arya
Mukta Arya CHRO-APAC
Speaker: Stacey Harris
Stacey Harris Chief Research Officer & Managing Partner
Speaker: Pravir Malik
Pravir Malik Founder
Speaker: Jay 	Chan
Jay Chan Executive Director, Head of Talent Acquisition, Group Human Resources
Speaker: Lewis Ng
Lewis Ng Chief Operating Officer
Speaker: DN	Prasad
DN Prasad Senior Director - People, Strategy & Operations
Speaker: Zhenlin Ong
Zhenlin Ong Client Success Director
Speaker: Sharma 	Lachu
Sharma Lachu CEO and Founder
Speaker: Carmen	Wee
Carmen Wee Board Member
Speaker: Darwin Rivers
Darwin Rivers Founder/President
Speaker: Sophie Bailey
Sophie Bailey Manager, Customer Commercial Success, APAC
Speaker: Diana Wu David
Diana Wu David Coach | Course Creator | Consultant | Keynote Speaker
Speaker: Ben	Conway
Ben Conway Head of Client Success
Speaker: Aditi Mahadevan
Aditi Mahadevan APAC Head of Talent, Learning and Diversity
Speaker: Na Boon Chong
Na Boon Chong Advisory Partner
Speaker: Tanmaya Jain
Tanmaya Jain CEO
Speaker: Chun Yih Tan
Chun Yih Tan Wim Hof Method Instructor
Speaker: Anjali Velayudhan Menon
Anjali Velayudhan Menon HR Director – Malaysia
Speaker: Kiran Kumar
Kiran Kumar Chief Global Markets
Speaker: Susan P. Chen
Susan P. Chen Head of People
Speaker: Sylvain Mahe
Sylvain Mahe Enterprise Agile Coach & Conscious Leadership Coach
Speaker: Angelina Chua
Angelina Chua Deputy Group CHRO
Speaker: Aaron Lim
Aaron Lim Group HR Director
Speaker: Marvin Owen Julius Victoriano
Marvin Owen Julius Victoriano Chief People Officer
Speaker: Michelle	Lim
Michelle Lim Founder, Executive Coach
Speaker: Smiti Bhatt Deorah
Smiti Bhatt Deorah Co-founder & COO
Speaker: Ishita Bandyopadhyay
Ishita Bandyopadhyay Managing Director, Aon’s Assessment Solutions, India & South East Asia
Speaker: Henry Liew
Henry Liew Head, Global Innovation Hub
Speaker: Vaclav Koranda
Vaclav Koranda Vice President, HR & Member of the Board of Directors
Speaker: Vicky Chai
Vicky Chai Former Group Head of People
Speaker: Andrew Baisley
Andrew Baisley Head of Southeast Asia
Speaker: Kunal Wadhwani
Kunal Wadhwani CHRO
Speaker: Lisa Askwith
Lisa Askwith Chief People Officer
Speaker: Prasad Rajappan
Prasad Rajappan Founder & MD
Speaker: Colin Brennan
Colin Brennan Chief Customer Officer
Speaker: Anthony Raja Devadoss
Anthony Raja Devadoss Managing Director & Senior Client Partner, Malaysia
Speaker: Jacely Voon
Jacely Voon CPO
Speaker: Lionel Chok
Lionel Chok Chief Metaverse Officer
Speaker: Damien Andreasen
Damien Andreasen ANZ Country Manager
Speaker: Julia Radchenko
Julia Radchenko Head Consulting Leader
Speaker: Alyssa Than Stark
Alyssa Than Stark Manager, Well-Being and Rewards
Speaker: Peck Kem Low
Peck Kem Low CHRO & Advisor (Workforce Development)
Speaker: Ruslan Halim Islahudin
Ruslan Halim Islahudin Head of Human Capital Strategy
Speaker: Eveliene Marrec Witjes
Eveliene Marrec Witjes Head of Human Resources
Speaker: Aye Wee	Yap
Aye Wee Yap SVP, Head of L&D and OD, Group Human Resources, OCBC Bank
Speaker: Ilana Elbaz
Ilana Elbaz Head of International Sales
Speaker: Nutan Singapuri
Nutan Singapuri ex-Chief People Officer-Gousto, Senior Director
Speaker: Ruby Jaucian
Ruby Jaucian CHRO
Speaker: Su-Yen Wong
Su-Yen Wong Board Chair | Independent Director | Professional Speaker | Strategic Advisor
Speaker: Joan Alicia Koh
Joan Alicia Koh Head - HR, Asia Pacific & India | Global Executive Sponsor for Women in NIQ
Speaker: Kiran Zaidi
Kiran Zaidi CHRO, Director Asia Talent Management
Speaker: Nadiah Tan Abdullah
Nadiah Tan Abdullah CHRO
Speaker: Dr. D. Prasanth Nair
Dr. D. Prasanth Nair Chief HR Advisor
Speaker: Rachele	Focardi
Rachele Focardi Founder - Multigenerational Workforce Strategist

Who Should attend:

  • CHROs
  • HR Heads
  • HR Leaders
  • CIOs
  • CTOs
  • CMOs
  • Business Leaders