There is an urgent need to relook at the tools and systems that organisations have in place to support the learning and development of their workforce. An overhaul is needed to enable employees to not only survive but thrive in the post-pandemic world. At the other end of the spectrum, employees also have to change needs and aspirations. How do organizations and, more specifically, HR and L&D leaders, balance business needs and development objectives?

People Matters L&D Conference 2022 APAC aims to bring a community of experts and leaders to share their thoughts and expertise on these pressing issues. We hope that through dialogue and discussion, we can evolve new insights and figure out ways to navigate fresh challenges in a world complicated by the pandemic and its after-effects.


Date: 24 Feb 11:30 AM AEST


Speaker: Andy Molinsky
Andy Molinsky Organisational & Cross-Cultural Psychologist
Speaker: Britt Andreatta
Britt Andreatta CEO
Speaker: Ekpedeme
Ekpedeme "Pamay" M. Bassey Chief Learning & Diversity Officer
Speaker: Nick Shackleton-Jones
Nick Shackleton-Jones CEO
Speaker: Brandon	Carson
Brandon Carson VP - Learning and Leadership Partner
Speaker: Koh Ching Hong
Koh Ching Hong CEO
Speaker: Peter Attfield
Peter Attfield Chief Talent & Learning Officer
Speaker: Dr. Samson Tan
Dr. Samson Tan Head, Centre for Innovation in Learning
Speaker: Karina Cuello
Karina Cuello APAC Future Skills Head APAC Future Skills Head
Speaker: D N Prasad
D N Prasad Senior Director; Strategy, People and Organisation
Speaker: Naila Abdul Karim
Naila Abdul Karim Senior Behavioural Scientist
Speaker: Roy	Chew
Roy Chew Head of L&OD
Speaker: Tim MacCartney
Tim MacCartney Senior Vice President Asia-Pacific
Speaker: Steve Bennetts
Steve Bennetts Head of of Employee Experience, Solutions & Strategy
Speaker: Summer Salomonsen
Summer Salomonsen VP of Content Product and Head of Cornerstone Studios
Speaker: Christina Wong
Christina Wong Global Executive Development Strategist
Speaker: Eklavya Bhave
Eklavya Bhave Head of Asia - Sales
Speaker: Manavi Baveja
Manavi Baveja Global Head - Org Dev
Speaker: Raghav Gupta
Raghav Gupta Managing Director, India & APAC
Speaker: Robert Szabó
Robert Szabó Vice President, Learning Sciences
Speaker: Jeanette Tan
Jeanette Tan Deputy Director Digital Academy
Speaker: Mark Dick
Mark Dick Senior Vice President of Sales - APAC
Speaker: Colin Khor
Colin Khor Learning and Development Lead
Speaker: Brian Palmer
Brian Palmer Global Head of Reskilling, People Capability
Speaker: David Maiolo
David Maiolo Learning Transformation Lead
Speaker: David Madisson
David Madisson Regional VP
Speaker: Swathi Vutharapalli
Swathi Vutharapalli Head of Global Talent & Leadership Development
Speaker: Scott Margason
Scott Margason Executive Vice President
Speaker: Swu Chyi Gan
Swu Chyi Gan Senior Solution Consultant
Speaker: Prem Bhagat
Prem Bhagat Vice President
Speaker: Sripathi Chakkravarthi
Sripathi Chakkravarthi Regional Director for APAC
Speaker: Sara Mahendran
Sara Mahendran Manager
Speaker: Rachel Ranosa
Rachel Ranosa Senior Editor
Speaker: Drishti Pant
Drishti Pant Senior Editor

Who Should attend:

  • CLOs
  • CHROs
  • & Senior HR and Learning Leaders