People Matters EX APAC Virtual conference is a full-day event that will feature four virtual tracks and will take a deep dive into different aspects of the EX with keynotes, case study sessions, panel discussions, and dedicated virtual exhibition space for service providers to showcase their latest offerings. It will cover the foundations of EX to maximize business success, accelerating the development of a consumer mindset to solving people & work challenges in order to attract and retain future talent, bolster productivity and ultimately build happier workplaces, which makes more business sense in the long run. So Come, Learn, interact, and network virtually with over 1000+ delegates and explore how EX translates in every decision in the talent strategy.

Date: 09 Sep 12:30 PM AEST


Speaker: Jacob Morgan
Jacob Morgan Best Selling Author
Speaker: Shane Watson
Shane Watson Former Australian Cricketer
Speaker: Ben	Whitter
Ben Whitter Founder & Chief Experience Officer
Speaker: Jill Christensen
Jill Christensen Employee Engagement Expert
Speaker: Date Reitsema
Date Reitsema Global Director Employee Experience
Speaker: Sunil Setlur
Sunil Setlur Global Chief People Officer
Speaker: Tanmaya Jain
Tanmaya Jain Founder & CEO
Speaker: Lynn Dang
Lynn Dang HR Leader
Speaker: Jay Clem
Jay Clem General Manager, Employee Experience and Platforms
Speaker: Nishanth Satheesan
Nishanth Satheesan Employee Experience Solution Lead, APAC & India
Speaker: Georgina O’Brien
Georgina O’Brien Head of APAC Learning and Engagement
Speaker: Rich Boldock
Rich Boldock Head of Enterprise Growth, ASEAN & ANZ, Workplace
Speaker: Steve Bennetts
Steve Bennetts Head of of Employee Experience, Solutions & Strategy
Speaker: Kiya Cheng
Kiya Cheng HR Lead
Speaker: Sander de Bruijn
Sander de Bruijn Head of Employee Experience
Speaker: Roman Matla
Roman Matla Director, APAC Diversity & Employee Engagement
Speaker: Graham 	Almond
Graham Almond EVP, Chief Officer - People, Culture & Technology
Speaker: Vivek  Anand Ravindran
Vivek Anand Ravindran Modern Work and Security
Speaker: Farehana Hanapiah
Farehana Hanapiah Senior Vice President Group Human Resource Management
Speaker: Amrita Prasad
Amrita Prasad Head of Strategy and Business Development
Speaker: Simon Greening
Simon Greening Employee Workflow Solution Specialist
Speaker: Tom Dewaele
Tom Dewaele Global Head of Employee Experience
Speaker: Lavinia Iosub
Lavinia Iosub Managing Partner, Livit International
Speaker: Ester Martinez
Ester Martinez CEO & Editor-in-Chief
Speaker: Dean Summlar
Dean Summlar Vice President, Human Resources & Chief of Staff Pacific Zone
Speaker: May Sunega
May Sunega Head of HR and Communications
Speaker: Craig Taylor
Craig Taylor Chief People Officer, Australia, New Zealand and Japan
Speaker: Wendy Xia
Wendy Xia CHRO
Speaker: Toby Ouvry
Toby Ouvry Mindfulness Coach & Trainer
Speaker: Olivia Chua
Olivia Chua CHRO
Speaker: Michael 	Kim
Michael Kim Head of HR APAC
Speaker: Dr Esther Loo Chee Hong
Dr Esther Loo Chee Hong Head, Organisational Design and Effectiveness
Speaker: Byron J. Fernandez
Byron J. Fernandez Group CIO & EVP
Speaker: Gavin Arnott
Gavin Arnott Head of Culture, Talent & Capability
Speaker: Zuzana Chomistekova
Zuzana Chomistekova Group Global Head Of Recruitment
Speaker: Santhana	Krisnasamay
Santhana Krisnasamay Head of Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding
Speaker: Andrew Newmark
Andrew Newmark Vice President Human Resources, APEC
Speaker: James Bell
James Bell Head of People and Performance
Speaker: Syukri Sudari
Syukri Sudari Chief People Officer
Speaker: Sagar Khatri
Sagar Khatri Co-Founder and CEO
Speaker: Carlos Aboitiz
Carlos Aboitiz Chief Corporate Services Officer
Speaker: Cindy Rivera
Cindy Rivera First Vice President
Speaker: Chai Ping Chua
Chai Ping Chua HR Director & Country Site Leader
Speaker: Edward Wong
Edward Wong Vice President, Talent Acquisition & Talent Management Solutions & D&I, Asia Pacific

Who Should attend:

  • CHROs
  • HR Heads
  • TA Heads
  • L&D Heads
  • Comp & ben Heads
  • Employee Experience Heads
  • Senior HR Leaders
  • Senior IT Leaders
  • Business Leaders