The latest GDP data indicates that the country’s economy is slipping into a deep paralytic state. According to People Matters tally, the layoffs crossed 90,000 in November and December. These developments are bound to have an impact - an economic decline adversely impacting businesses, real GDP, sales, jobs and pay cheques.
In such a scenario, preparedness can be the answer to most problems. To find out some answers, let’s deliberate on the impact of the ongoing changes on talent and work and explore how HR Can Prepare To Escape The Heat Of A Potential Economic Paralysis, in People Matters’ upcoming Big Question series:

  • What are the key factors businesses should focus on to protect existing revenue streams and cost cutting?
  • With surge in unemployment, what are some of the trends we need to prepare for in 2023? 
  • While layoffs are happening, the hiring has also not stopped. Do you feel the noise about changes in the workplace is disproportionately higher and why?
  • India is the best place to work during recession, said Infosys’ co-founder. Do you agree or disagree and why? 
  • Will recession put an end to employee benefits induced by pandemic? How are salaries, benefits being affected?
  • Is the stress doing anything to workplace culture and interactions?

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Date: 31 Jan 9:30 PM AEST


Who Should attend:

  • HR Heads
  • Senior HR Professionals and Managers