With only one week to go for People Matters TechHR Singapore 2022, let’s look into the future of business and work, which is changing rapidly with the rise of digitalisation and emergence of technologies. As we rethink what’s possible, let’s explore the trends or forces that we see ahead and how we can create opportunities out of the disruptions we face as we walk the road less travelled.


Join us for an exclusive LinkedIn Live where leaders, HR and Work Tech experts share their perspective on the following questions: 


  • What is the one technology you are betting on to transform business and workplace culture?
  • How is metaverse, virtual reality and Web 3.0 impacting the way we design the entire employee experience?
  • What is the advice you would like to give your HR on one thing they should start doing and one thing they should stop immediately as we build the future of work?
  • How are you rethinking what's possible – whether on a professional or personal level?

Date: 19 Aug 9:00 PM AEST


Who Should attend:

  • CHRO
  • Head HR
  • VP HR
  • Director HR
  • AVP HR
  • GM HR