The last 18 months have forced organizations to seriously relook at employee experience, to tune up and listen empathetically to employees and act fast. The changed work realities mean old ways are passé and organizations need to pay attention to the culture they are building and the experience they are going to deliver in the second year of the pandemic. 

What is next for employee experience? How can we redefine it and adapt it for our new world of work, a big part of which has transitioned to hybrid work? How do we revise the EVP to keep pace with our changed reality in order to achieve organizational growth and success?

As a precursor to the first People Matters EX Conference 2021, join us for the LinkedIn Live to know-how leaders and organizations are adapting EX for the now and next of work.

Here’s what we will discuss-

  1. How do we reboot Employee Experience and tune-up for success in our changing world of work?
  2. What does employee experience in the new hybrid reality of work look like? What are some of the key defining parameters?
  3. Benefits have undergone a major change as work models changed and employees need different benefits in a post-pandemic world of 2020. How will organizations reimagine benefits for a hybrid world and technology’s role in that?
  4. Employee experience in 2021 requires continuous hearing and feedback from the organization rather than once in a quarter or once in six months of surveys. How can organizations build a continuous approach to EX?

To participate in this LinkedIn Live please join us on People Matters LinkedIn page and comment your answers to the respective question number (e.g. Q1/A1) in the comment box.

Date: 25 Aug 4:00 PM AEST
LOCATION: LinkedIn, using the hashtag #PMEXAPAC


Who Should attend:

  • HR professionals
  • Business leaders
  • Technology leaders