Samir Nakra

Samir currently the Director – Performance Excellence, HR, RBS. He was previously the Head Leadership Development and OD at RBS Business Services Pvt. Ltd. His role includes talent management and succession planning, leadership development, assessment/development centre design and implementation, executive coaching, performance management and diversity and inclusion. Samir started his career with the Army where he served in various locations, including on the Line of Control. He took part in two active operations i.e. "Op Vijay" and "Op Parakaram" during his tenure and was a Battery Commander when he left the Army. His second innings in the corporate world has been in the space of Learning and OD and he has worked on various assignments in his decade plus experience outside. He is a keen observer of life and his greatest area of interest is human behaviour. He is certified in the use of MBTI, Hogan and is a Certified Coach

Post By Samir Nakra

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