Neeraj Sharma

Neeraj is the VP- Human Resources at FourKites – a very exciting and rapidly growing startup from Chicago and their India technology center. He has extensive Talent Acquisition experience - building high impacting teams at different stages of maturity curve of innovation businesses across geographies. He is entrepreneurial by experience and instincts and takes up any challenge with complete ownership and has demonstrable learning agility. Prior to joining Fourkites, Neeraj partnered with leaders across geographies in identifying and acquiring top talent and start or build their functions - in software engineering and from India for corporations like Adobe Systems and Walmart Technologies and several successful startups from the Bay Area. He has advised a few startups and mentored a few leaders through his career journey. Neeraj lives in Chennai and holds a Masters in Administration and Management from the National Council of Hotel Management His mantra has been to strive to build a context in everything that we do as we build the business and believes in self-expression as the most important index of the leadership of an enterprise.

Post By Neeraj Sharma

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