Gauri Palekar

I started my HR career with Tata Consultancy Services. From there on, I started SumancesHR. As the Founder and Senior Consultant at Sumances HR, I find myself responsible to help small and mid-sized companies build a positive culture along with HR processes that engage employees in the company.

In a dynamic day and age where we are witness to a rise in entrepreneurs who would much rather create a sustainable model for themselves than work in a company, my job is to ensure that such talented and enthusiastic individuals succeed with the team they surround themselves with.

As the next generation moves into a digital and service based era, entrepreneurs are constantly seeking the brightest creative minds, having archaic HR processes to manage them does not do justice. Talent needs to be honed in and nurtured where an employee needs to be supremely motivated and engaged for him/her to give their best. I have witnessed this phenomenon happen only in a positive work environment.

In order to create this kind of an environment, there is an implicit need for an HR design that is simple and fun. Times and generations have changed and there is a need for a change in the way HR is managed too. Guerrilla HR strategy might just be what is required - unconventional, low cost ideas that would engage employees and employers to get the best result. My blog covers ideas and articles pertaining to this philosophy.

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