Dr Kiranmai Dutt

Dr Kiranmai Dutt Pendyala

Dr. Kiranmai Dutt Pendyala is the Corporate Vice President, Human Resources at AMD Greater Asia and EMEA. In her current role at AMD, she handles the region responsibility for strategic plans on talent acquisition, talent management, and talent development and partners with the Human Resources Leaders in her First Team to represent the employee voice of the Region. Dr. Kiranmai brings together a unique blend of keen academic focus and organizational experience. She has more than 20 years of dynamic organizational design and development experience at both national and international levels. She has been a regular contributor to articles on HR and Training in the IT industry. She is actively engaged in the Industry and wears the hats of Chairperson and National Board Member – AMCHAM, Executive Committee Member, IESA Telangana Chapter, NHRD Telangana Chapter, and National Council Member, ISTD.  

Post By Dr Kiranmai Dutt Pendyala

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