Abhishek Paul

Abhishek is the Culture Shepherd at Kissflow, a global SaaS company. He is an MBA Graduate with over 13 years of experience in large IT enterprises such as Infosys & Cognizant. Abhishek is currently pursuing his PhD in the field of HR & Organizational Behaviour at IIT Madras. His doctoral thesis is focused on applying “Systems Thinking” principles to create high performance work culture. Abhishek is on the path to understanding, guiding and protecting the "soul" of Kissflow, an organisation that is growing exponentially. He is also exploring new & innovative ways in aligning the core values of the business to every people policy/practice, thus creating a purpose-driven high-performance work culture. He is also closely working with one of the main core values at Kissflow "Happy Employees Create Happy Customers!"

Post By Abhishek Paul

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