We are delighted to bring to you the third edition of the Alight Solutions' State of HR Transformation study in partnership with People Matters which focuses on the theme “Adaptable HR”.

This is the largest study on the State of HR Transformation that shows how being Adaptable is no longer a choice, it is imperative; it is inevitable. Everything at the workplace is undergoing a dramatic transformation and interestingly, what could have been a reality of the future, has now become the present.

In this edition of The State of HR Transformation Study, we explored the anchors of adaptability in the HR functions. From the importance of the HR operating models to behaviours that the HR team needs to display, the report details key action steps to improve HR governance and effectiveness.

Download the exclusive report and:

  1. Usher in the decade with the longevity of getting transformation right
  2. Learn more about the tipping points for HR
  3. Gain insights about redesigning the HR Operating Model to complement technology
  4. Learn how to craft the right roles for HR to enhance the adaptability quotient
  5. Benchmark your organization with your peers in this transformation journey


If you would like to view the detailed insights, models & infographics of the full report, please drop in your request at vikrant.khanna.3@alight.com

We hope this year’s report will guide you to accelerate your own organisation’s journey of transformation & adaptability as you take the driver’s seat and press the accelerator pedal decisively.

We are committed to your success and here to help!

Happy Reading :)